[haiku-development] Re: Some useful haiku projects

  • From: Pier Luigi Fiorini <pierluigi.fiorini@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 18:00:45 +0100

2009/11/2 Anoop Kumar Narayanan <anoop.kn@xxxxxxxxx>

> Off-late, I have seen a lot of message regarding, short term projects.
> Here, are a few that I could think of.
> Project 1:
> I was recently using my Freebsd OS and found something very
> interesting, Adobe doesn't make plugins for BSD license (strange)
> machines at all. I am guessing haiku is going to run into the same
> problem sooner or later. A workaround to the problem although may be
> existent GNASH (GPL) and Swfdec (GPL),  both of them don't play movies
> that very well (atleast on freebsd with the current latest packages).
> These plugins (thanks to the brilliant effort of the authors who
> reverse engineer) work decent enough.
> Any plans to port these ? If you want any help I could do it. I just
> want some help on how to modify the configure files so that it
> compiles for Haiku. (Any docs available on this ?).

Someone already tried porting GNASH but it has a lot of external
If somebody can point you to the porter you should talk to him and ask
what's the current state of the port.

> Project 2:
> Torrent client for Haiku. Using Librtorrent. (Very Important)

Transmission has a BeOS GUI, someone should:

- checkout Transmission trunk
- checkout latest Transmission branch with the beos/ folder
- port the old GUI to Haiku using layouts and Locale Kit
- send a patch to the Transmission team

Project 3:
> Offloading HaikuSDK + HaikuDesktop to run on other platforms (X
> Server, Windows)? This will increase developer base/User base of
> Haiku, and hopefully we would increase the amount of user programs.
> Apart from gnome and kde, people may actually feel more comfortable
> with Haiku appearance and feel.

What are the benefits?

> Project 4:
> OpenBFS driver for BSD/Linux ? ( Linux already has one, but i wasn't
> able to get the haiku partition mounted. It was complaining about the
> superblock error).

There is already one with FUSE - I just don't know how to build it.

> Project 5:
> An updated Music player, with newer playlist management.

Yes, I would love something like iTunes.

> Project 6:
> VLC porting to Haiku. (I am not sure but, I think there is a Beos
> version, so it should b e that big a deal)

VLC porting is not supported.
Haiku has a simple media player with a simple user interface just like VLC.
The natiuve Haiku MP needs, in my opinion, DVD and streaming features.
Well a DVD player would probably be better in a separate and dedicated

> Project 7:
> Porting Wxwidgets  to Haiku.

There was a BeOS port, needs to be updated I guess.

> Project 8:
> Porting X server to Haiku, to run remote unix gui applications.
There's a port, I've seen some screnshots on Haiku.

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