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First of all, there is no reason for outright hostility and language.

Second, I can only do so much.  I discussed the name with Michael and some
of the other project leads.  Michael suggested posting the quesiton to the
community at large.  I told him IO was against the idea until we have a much
smaller list to work from.  I have been in contact with another CDT member
with marketing experience with branding at this level.  It's a slow process
as you can well imagine.

I'm sorry this isn't as fun as it was when Guy was running things but we
weren't making ANY progress then.  Until I can get Michael to make some
decisions about the name I can't do anything other than have those
interested in working on R1 icons do so.  Even then I have my own
reservations as I would like the branding and icons to fit visually.

I will try to push Michael to make some decisions and make them fast but my
hands are tied until he does pick a name.  On that, I have tried to get
people in the CDT involved in this process b ut I have heard very little.
In a group of 40+ people, only 7-9 have been active to any reasonable
degree.  I find this disturbing and my guess is many of these people were in
it because it sounded kewl not because thy had any experience in design or
much interest in actually working.

As for the web posting, I'll see if I can get Michael to remove the naming
question from the OBOS site.  I agree that this shouldn't be a free for all
with names being picked from random.  If you have any suggestions, however,
please speak up.

Stuart McCoy

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What the f'ck is going on here. Two weeks of silence
and  now this, now the entire community is suggesting
names at random!  Real professionalism this is.  I'm
starting to get tired of working this way.  Stuart
I'm considering resigning from the CDT-team.  All of
suggestions and work send to this mailinglist is
being thrown out the window.

What's the point of chosing names at random??? There's
no point, it only makes the process harder. Now we
have to screen all these names forcopyrights, check if
the domains are taken, verify if they have no
insulting meaning... etc.

A hundred times at least I pointed out the reasons
for setting up some rules when choosing names.  What
to avoid, what to take in account when a choice is
made etc?  So why are we starting over and over again,
just to find out what we already now???

What's next?  Submit your logo or your icons?  I start
to wonder why we have CDT at all.  I'm not saying the
community should not be involved, they should but not
like this.

Stuart I want some info here:

- Why is this published on the OBOS site and why
aren't we told about this?
- I'd like to know what your plans are for our team,
so I can decide whether it's worthwile for me to
participate or not in the future.

- Why is there no communication here?

Kristof aka BeAdingo

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