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  • From: Kristof Polleunis aka BeAdingo <kristof_polleunis@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 01:50:28 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry for getting emotional here but my message was
not meant to be a hostile one.  

I understand the difficulty of doing something until a
name is chosen, but I also believe a leader of CDT
should always communicate things with the group before
taking decissions (if this is an OPEN project at

--- Stuart McCoy <stubear@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> First of all, there is no reason for outright
> hostility and language.
> Second, I can only do so much.  I discussed the name
> with Michael and some
> of the other project leads.  Michael suggested
> posting the quesiton to the
> community at large.  I told him IO was against the
> idea until we have a much
> smaller list to work from.  I have been in contact
> with another CDT member
> with marketing experience with branding at this
> level.  It's a slow process
> as you can well imagine.
> I'm sorry this isn't as fun as it was when Guy was
> running things but we
> weren't making ANY progress then.  Until I can get
> Michael to make some
> decisions about the name I can't do anything other
> than have those
> interested in working on R1 icons do so.  Even then
> I have my own
> reservations as I would like the branding and icons
> to fit visually.
> I will try to push Michael to make some decisions
> and make them fast but my
> hands are tied until he does pick a name.  On that,
> I have tried to get
> people in the CDT involved in this process b ut I
> have heard very little.
> In a group of 40+ people, only 7-9 have been active
> to any reasonable
> degree.  I find this disturbing and my guess is many
> of these people were in
> it because it sounded kewl not because thy had any
> experience in design or
> much interest in actually working.
> As for the web posting, I'll see if I can get
> Michael to remove the naming
> question from the OBOS site.  I agree that this
> shouldn't be a free for all
> with names being picked from random.  If you have
> any suggestions, however,
> please speak up.
> Stuart McCoy
> stubear@xxxxxxxxx
> http://www.meltingcrayons.com/stubear
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> What the f'ck is going on here. Two weeks of silence
> and  now this, now the entire community is
> suggesting
> names at random!  Real professionalism this is.  I'm
> starting to get tired of working this way.  Stuart
> I'm considering resigning from the CDT-team.  All of
> the
> suggestions and work send to this mailinglist is
> being thrown out the window.
> What's the point of chosing names at random???
> There's
> no point, it only makes the process harder. Now we
> have to screen all these names forcopyrights, check
> if
> the domains are taken, verify if they have no
> insulting meaning... etc.
> A hundred times at least I pointed out the reasons
> for setting up some rules when choosing names.  What
> to avoid, what to take in account when a choice is
> made etc?  So why are we starting over and over
> again,
> just to find out what we already now???
> What's next?  Submit your logo or your icons?  I
> start
> to wonder why we have CDT at all.  I'm not saying
> the
> community should not be involved, they should but
> not
> like this.
> Stuart I want some info here:
> - Why is this published on the OBOS site and why
> aren't we told about this?
> - I'd like to know what your plans are for our team,
> so I can decide whether it's worthwile for me to
> participate or not in the future.
> - Why is there no communication here?
> Kristof aka BeAdingo
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