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Argh...people, why can't we see that tab-square and the whole concept of
it is being destroyed when we allow users to put an x into it?
If one can't already guess it from what's on the right side of the tab,
the square represents the stylized outline of a window and has nothing to
do with checkboxes. If you think people can't grasp even this slight
level of abstractness, you're underestimating them.
BTW in for example preferences settings, putting an X in a checkbox is a
choice that always needs a confirmation button to make things dissapear.
Also for that reason it doesn't make sense.
Should the learning threshold  for people from other OS's be that low
that you essentially remove it alltogether? If we adopt the same low
threshold in the rest of Haiku (one should be consistent, no?) then we
might as well as some Linux amateur to do over the entire GUI.
I am vehemently opposed (as you may have guessed).


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  -- Johan Aires Rastén, on Mon, 9 Nov 2009 08:11:47 +0100:
  > But what about the argument that windows aren't the only things
  > need to be closed? Is the close-square still a good choice if you
  > to stick it somewhere else in a UI?

  This is actually a good argument in my book. Together with Braden's
  example on how to do it subtly, I concur. It's not really necessary
  convey the meaning of the close button in the tab, but considering
  need of close buttons at other places, having it consistently marked
  with an X is desirable.

  Leads to the question, who and how do we present the results of our
  discussions. (Not to imply this discussion is over, of course, but at
  least I'm won over until a better argument against the X comes up...)


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