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  If BeOS had an X for closing windows, would you still think the
  was a better choice, or do you think neither of them has any symbolic
  meaning at all so it doesn't matter which one Haiku uses?

  That's a bit hypothetical, as I think BeOS or Haiku shouldn't have an
  X for closing windows.
  Sidenote: I've never seen a usable checkbox with a background color
  that's anything other than white.

  > Also: the combined two squares at the right side of a Haiku tab
  > neatly and graphically indicate minimize/maximize (cleverly done in
  > button instead of two). From that it's super easy to derive to any
  new user
  > that the square on the left must be a -just as graphical- close
  > button.

  But what about the argument that windows aren't the only things that
  need to be closed? Is the close-square still a good choice if you
  to stick it somewhere else in a UI?

  If we rephrase this as a programming problem.. If you're adding
  methods to a class, would you try to use a name that tries to
  what the method does - perhaps by an analogy if it's a very abstract
  method - or would you use any word because other programmers will
  learn how to use it anyway? Would it be good coding practice to give
  one method a seemingly random name, because you can guess what it
  by looking at the other methods?

  Try to approach it more graphical and practical: the square is a very
  common shape and therefore allows itself to be used with different
  meanings, as long as it's graphically evident. If that's the case
  (like in the BeOS/Haiku tab) there's hardly any room for mistake.


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