[haiku-appserver] Re: BWindowScreen broken

  • From: "Rudolf" <drivers.be-hold@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 04 May 2006 11:21:33 +0200 CEST

Morning from Holland,

> >Differences between R5/dano and haiku I noted:
> >-R5 clears the screen to black immediately after >start of tha app, 
> >haiku does not (app delays for 3 seconds so I can see >this clearly: 
> I added some code to BWindowScreen to be able to do testing. For 
> example, it should be opened to fullscreen at construction, while I 
added a InsetBy(100, 100) to be able to see something. We can safely 
remove this code now.

I'll not touch it myself, maybe you or Axel can do that: I don't feel 
confident yet I don't oversee important details. OTOH I am very pleased 
with the simplicity of the whole API/portlink/app_server setup. I could 
very fast track down the errors I sought :-) My compliments!
Upto now I just point Axel (you guys) at what I find, and he (you) 
tell(s) me if I should fix it or if someone else should do it. Suits me 
OK at this time :)

BTW: It's become clear to me that Haiku uses (about) twice the CPU 
power compared to R5/dano for overlay video playback. Could it be that 
there's some bitmap duplication code somewhere?

> >Apart from that this one app runs perfectly :)
> Considering that I was never able to test it correctly because vesa 
> mode doesn't support switching modes (and I was stuck with vesa inside 
qemu), I'm very surprised it even works :)

Ah, OK. Well, pageflipper would be an interesting test then ;-)
Another thing I think I'll try: setting a virtual screen via 
BScreen::Setmode. I'm curious how well the app_server handles it ;-)



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