[guispeak] Re: talkx and Sprint PCS

  • From: "Raul A. Gallegos" <raul@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 11:49:12 -0700

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Laura, thanks for the info.  To answer your question, to me the term 
accessible does not mean that something must talk completely to be used.  
For example, I have an Iriver mp3 player which to me is accessible.  
Sure, I can't access all 100% of its features but I can certainly listen 
to what ever I want when ever I want, I can record, play, or browse 
music, I can use the radio in it with no problem.  About the only thing 
I can't do is upgrade it by myself or change the options.

With cell phones I've always considered them accessible to me if I can 
use the call logs, change the ring tones and dial the thing with no 
problem.  Sure without the talkx software I can't add my own phonebook 
entries, I can't use the appointments, can't actually view the call log.  
I realize that I do not have 100% access to all the phone's features but 
for what I mainly use the phone for, to me it's accessible.

So, in short, the term accessible is really relative.

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