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Hi again --
Here is the second page on this software with more info -- sorry I should have posted this in the first place.
Hope this is of use to anyone interested!
I think it solves a lot of accessibility problems, if it works that is! :)
Take care!
Oh, and the site is www.scansoft.com/pdfconverter/standard/

ScanSoft - PDF Converter 2

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PDF Converter

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PDF Converter 2

Instantly Convert PDF Files into Microsoft® Word Documents and Forms

PDF Converter 2PDF Converter is the world's #1 selling solution for instantly turning PDF files into Microsoft Word documents and forms that you can easily
edit - complete with text, columns, tables, and graphics.* PDF Converter 2 contains powerful new features that allow you to quickly convert proposals,
contracts, letters and more into Microsoft Word documents for editing, saving valuable time and money. PDF Converter can even be used to extract charts
and graphs from PDF files so they can be reused in Microsoft PowerPoint® and other applications with cut-and-paste ease!

And there's even more! PDF Converter lets you turn static PDF forms into editable Microsoft Word forms with a single mouse click. Release information trapped
in PDF files and eliminate the time spent re-keying and laying out documents. PDF Converter lets everyone in your organization access, edit and share information
more productively and efficiently than ever before!

See what's new!

One Click Conversion

PDF Converter was developed in collaboration with Microsoft, so it seamlessly integrates with the applications you use every day -
Microsoft Word,
Internet Explorer,
Windows Explorer.

1 Step

Using Microsoft Word

Using Microsoft Word
Simply choose File/Open in Microsoft Word to instantly create a Word file from a PDF.

Using Outlook

Using Outlook
You can instantly turn PDF e-mail attachments into Word files - right within Microsoft Outlook!

Using Internet Explorer

Using Internet Explorer
Simply right-click in Internet Explorer and convert a PDF on the Web into Microsoft Word - fast and easy.

Using Windows Explorer

Using Windows Explorer
Just right-click in Windows Explorer to instantly create a Word file.

Key Benefits

List of 4 items
. Productivity Improvements
PDF Converter delivers significant productivity benefits by reducing the amount of time it takes to complete routine tasks. Responding to an RFP for example
might take 3 hours instead of 5. Creating a market analysis report would reflect similar time savings. Leveraging this product to save 5 hours per week
results in a gain of over two weeks worth of employee productivity per year.

. Business Process Enhancements
Collaborating using Microsoft Word instead of paper or retyped documents allows information to be turned around faster. This faster turnaround makes individual
departments more responsive and allows the entire organization to be more successful.

. Material Cost Savings
Instead of printing out PDF files and recreating the information found within them by hand, or printing out PDF files, marking them up and faxing them back
to the sender to initiate changes, PDF Converter allows completely electronic creation and editing, saving on paper, ink, fax, and courier costs.

. Improved Quality of Work
Because PDF Converter delivers an exact rendering of the original document's content nothing is lost in the translation or otherwise misinterpreted when
it is retyped. Knowledge workers will be able to deliver better products because they will spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks and more
time on analysis.
list end

* Based upon total units sold and downloaded from data available through public sources, including PC Data and Download.com. Unit count may differ by country.

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