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Hi all --
(Note: this is a followup of a discussion on nfb-talk, but I am cross posting it to other lists as well...)
Well, lo and behold, I just looked at the scansoft website and found the following very interesting product. If you want to go to the scansoft site and look at all their products, just go to
But I have copied the contents of the page www.scansoft.com/pdfconverter/ below for your perusal.
I thought it was very interesting, and I may get it...
Happy reading!
Oh, and their page on accessibility is also interesting, and they have other interesting products as well.
Take care!

ScanSoft - PDF Converter Professional 2

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Productivity Without Boundaries

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PDF Solutions

PDF Converter Professional

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PDF Converter
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PDF Converter Professional 2

Everything You Need to Convert and Create PDF Files

PDF Converter Professional 2Introducing the first and only product that combines PDF creation from any PC application with the amazing ability to turn PDF
files into fully-formatted Microsoft® Word documents.

A bundle of ScanSoft
PDF Create!
PDF Converter,
PDF Converter Professional 2 significantly improves office productivity by providing business professionals with the ability to more seamlessly move between
the two dominant electronic document formats - Microsoft Word and PDF. With PDF Converter Professional, organizations now have access to an industry-leading
PDF solution that has the price, performance and features that can put the power of PDF on every business desktop.

Creation And Conversion in One Easy-To-Use Product

PDF Converter Professional combines the two most important PDF functions - conversion and creation - to give you unmatched PDF performance.

PDF Conversion

Why you need PDF Converter
List of 5 items
. Eliminate tedious re-keying and layout tasks
. Use PDF graphics and charts in PowerPoint®
. Enable more rapid access to information frozen in PDF files
. Save time and money
. Select a page or pages to convert from a large PDF file
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More details on ScanSoft PDF Converter

PDF Creation

Why you need PDF Create!
List of 6 items
. Share documents for universal viewing
. Secure documents with password/encryption
. Create smaller size files for e-mail/ftp
. Restrict editing of shared documents
. Save Web pages and e-mails as searchable PDF files
. Cost-effective alternative to Adobe® Acrobat®
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More details on ScanSoft PDF Create!

Key Benefits

List of 6 items
. Convert
Convert documents and forms to Word files with one click conversion. Even turn PDF forms into editable Microsoft Word forms - with point and click ease!

. Create
Easily create PDF documents that are compact and easy to e-mail, can be viewed by anyone, and print just as they would in the original application.

. Access
Open and re-use information from PDF files, print and universally share.

. Secure
Apply passwords and access the content in secure PDF files without using any additional applications.

. Protect
Secure documents against viruses.

. Archive
Save Web pages, e-mails, and other documents for future reference.

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