[guispeak] Re: how to read print with only a scanner and screen reader?

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  • Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 00:14:32 -0500

Hi Andy, Well, we'll try this crap again, since I was trying to type to ya and 
something happened and my email left the screen and some darn page came up. All 
I know is, I have an ocr program on this computer already, it came with my 
scanner.  I'm using the Cannon LIDE80 portable flatbed scanner.  It has the 
Scansoft Ocr software in it already, so isn't that enough? I don't know any 
more.  All I know is, I am using vip software installed on my computer and it's 
just like kurzweil.  All I know is it's giving me nothing but fits.  The guy 
that does their work tech support is charging me $35 an hour and who the heck 
knows if it will work any more or not.  I'm sick of this crap.  I am sick of 
all of it.  I don't have any way of reading my books, mail, etc.  I'm tired of 
spending money like it's going tdown the drain. I'm not mad at you, but I'm 
furious with all this software I have to buy.  Sighted folk can read and I 
can't.  I could before I bought this used laptop and now, I go
 t crap, I got nothin to be able to read with and a reader only once a week. 
I'm hacked off. But anyway, scansoft is included with the LIDE80 flatbed 
scanner. Harry 

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Subject: [guispeak] Re: how to read print with only a scanner and screen reader?
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 20:17:46 -0800

You cannot read scanned images directly with a screen reader, as a screen 
reader can only read text.  You must use some kind of optical character 
recognition software to convert the scanned image to text.  You need not 
use a blindness oriented product.  You can use an off the shelf OCR package 
such as Omnipage and export the recognized scanned image into a word 
processor such as MS WORD.  You will need to have some sophistication with 
the use of the computer and Windows to do this, but there are many blind 
computer users who do this.

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