[guispeak] Re: how to read print with only a scanner and screen reader?

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Hi George, Well, here's what's on my computer right now. I have Adobe 6.0, and 
also I have Scansoft omnipage as well. That's all I have that comes with the 

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Hi Harry,
All you require, apart from a scanner, is some OCR software.  (Optical 
Character Recognition)
"Omnipage" and "Text Bridge" are two such programs.  They have a facility to 
"Acquire Text" from within Wordpad or Notepad.  However, they do come with a 
price, but absolutely no where near as expensive as Kurzweil.

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Hi folks, Well, I have a question for anyone out there. I want to scan 
something and read it with only my screen reader. I've ben told I can do this 
without using a program like Kurzweil, is this true? If so, can someone walk me 
through the step by step proceedure to do this? What settings or setting do I 
need my scanner to be on? I have no program suchas kurzweil, etc. I thought I 
could scan something and have it automatically open in notepad or wordpad and 
it would read it for me, can I do this? I'm clueless on how to do this kind of 
thing. However, I gotta do something because I can't read printed materials 
unless I do it this way. I'm using a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop with a 1 gig 
processor and Windows xp home Edition and 384 meg of ram. Harry 

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