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Thanks for the excellent explanation.  I can access the info in Notepad,
just wading through a bit of garbage.  It's much better than losing the
info.  Thanks again.


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Hi Keith;
One thing you could do, is to open them in Notepad and see if you can
grab any of the text out of the documents.  This should be feasible for
at least Word documents.
The problem is, that when you delete something the space occupied on the
hard drive immediately becomes available to be written to, unless you
have deleted to the 'recycle bin'.  So, any program can then overwrite
the space occupied by those files, and this includes all the behind the
scenes temporary files that are created by Windows and applications.  A
file recovery program will then only be able to recover the information
from areas of the drive that have not been overwritten, as deleting a
file only causes the fact that space can now be written to, to be
represented in the file allocation table, and until data is written to
that area of the hard drive the files remain in tact.

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        Well, folks, I spoke a bit too quickly, I guess.  I was able to
undelete my files, and most of them read quite beautifully.  However, I
have run into a couple of files where Word says the files may be
corrupted and suggests I open them and use a text recovery converter on
them.  Where can I find such a program?
        Also, one file asks me if I want to make Word my default web
editor, and it was done in Word, not HTML.  Finally, another file wants
to know which encoding I want to use to make the text readable.
        As I said, most of the files have been recovered beautifully.
Any further suggestions?
        I did restore my system to last week, but it did not recover any
of the deleted files.  Thanks for any help.
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