[guispeak] Re: British accents with JAWS and IE6

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 21:25:01 -0500

I have my home machine st to speak in British English all the time now - I
just like it better. Its a bit less harsh ... Oh ya, I live in Boston

-- Rich

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Subject: [guispeak] Re: British accents with JAWS and IE6

> On a bit of a related note, I had a fellow faculty member email me, and
> his signature was spoken in a French accent, even though he is no way
> French.  It was humorous!=20
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> Hi Rick!  How's the PowerBraille? --
> Anyway, as for the british accent, I can answer that:
> There is a checkbox in the html options of the configuration file of
> jaws that specifies whether to recognize or switch languages on the fly,
> based on the language specification in the html on the web page.
> You can uncheck this box and force it to speak in American English all
> the time.
> It's kind of funny -- I first ran into this not on the internet, but in
> email sent by people in the UK.
> I am on a list in particular on which are several people in the uk, and
> I noticed that jaws started talking in British speak whenever I read
> mail from them.
> It was kind of freaky -- but the explanation was easy -- they had just
> sent the mail in html format so naturally jaws and Outlook Express were
> treating it as a little web page.
> It's funny how much harder it is to listen to a different dialect at
> high speed when you aren't used to it.
> I had to uncheck the offending checkbox in jaws in order to read their
> mail!
> Anyway, that's the story.
> And I think it's a relatively new feature, as I only noticed it after
> upgrading jaws -- but I don't remember now when that was or which
> version.
> Take care, and enjoy!
> --le
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> Subject: [guispeak] British accents with JAWS and IE6
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > Why do some pages speak in a British accent, even when they are not=20
> > British?
> > When I go to:
> > www.ky.gov,
> > I get a British accent.  When I go to other pages on the site, the
> accent
> > returns to American English.
> >
> >=20

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