[guispeak] Re: British accents with JAWS and IE6

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 21:37:09 -0000

Because web pages, and even things like Word documents, are
written for a specific locale, or country.  That's how, for
example, a spelling checker knows how to use an American
English or British English spelling checker.  This
information is held in an the file.

JAWS now incorporates a language detector which will change
synthesiser language accordingly.  Going from say English to
Spanish is an easy change, but from American English to
British English can be a shade spooky.


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> Hi everyone,
> Why do some pages speak in a British accent, even when
> are not British?
> When I go to:
> www.ky.gov,
> I get a British accent.  When I go to other pages on the=20
> site, the accent returns to American English.


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