[guispeak] Re: British accents with JAWS and IE6

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 15:17:02 -0500

Hi Rick!  How's the PowerBraille? --
Anyway, as for the british accent, I can answer that:
There is a checkbox in the html options of the configuration file of jaws 
that specifies whether to recognize or switch languages on the fly, based on 
the language specification in the html on the web page.
You can uncheck this box and force it to speak in American English all the 
It's kind of funny -- I first ran into this not on the internet, but in 
email sent by people in the UK.
I am on a list in particular on which are several people in the uk, and I 
noticed that jaws started talking in British speak whenever I read mail from 
It was kind of freaky -- but the explanation was easy -- they had just sent 
the mail in html format so naturally jaws and Outlook Express were treating 
it as a little web page.

It's funny how much harder it is to listen to a different dialect at high 
speed when you aren't used to it.
I had to uncheck the offending checkbox in jaws in order to read their mail!

Anyway, that's the story.
And I think it's a relatively new feature, as I only noticed it after 
upgrading jaws -- but I don't remember now when that was or which version.
Take care, and enjoy!

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> Hi everyone,
> Why do some pages speak in a British accent, even when they are not 
> British?
> When I go to:
> www.ky.gov,
> I get a British accent.  When I go to other pages on the site, the accent
> returns to American English.

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