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  • Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 20:56:07 +0100

Hi Carol oh so happy you had such a lovely day. Glad you enjoyed the day centre 
as always and the cards you made so cool. OH dear that's not good the ring and 
ride won't take 12 of you on the outing so you can't go and even worse Julia 
has booked the day off work especially for the outing that's very bad of them 
and as you say they not as good as we all thought they were. How cool you and 
Julia will go out for the day on your own to make up for it. Oh how cool this 
lady knitted some clothes for Julia's grandaughter's barbie doll and that other 
lady doing rug making and is also making a bag out of the canvas. So glad you 
went to Julia's mum's after doing your shopping and how cool you had all those 
yummy goodies. Oh Carol how cool you had pizza like I did oh you copycat 
hahahehehehehehe. It was lovely being the dancing princess as always. No luck 
on the raffle a shame. Well the dance actually starts again at the end of 
August which is even better as so much earlier this year as it usually starts 
back on the first week in September not bad going. Oh Carol I love the sound of 
that cookbook for the slow cooker and would be ideal for me if I had my own 
place and if mum would let me help her cook a lot more. OH Carol I loved the 
Corrie gossip and fancy Stella being Lee Anne's mum oh what a big shock never 
expected that. I also love all those craft ideas you sent in although I have 
already done a few such as making those glove puppets for my nephew Jamie he 
loved them and have done that paper folding too. Well tomorrow is Janet's blind 
club so keep you posted how it goes. I had lots of texts when I got back but 
sadly my mobile phone went wrong but luckily my dad has now fixed it. Talk 
about stress. This technology is amazing but a pain when it's not working. Then 
it was time for home and away after tea. Then I had a call on the house phone 
from Gladys so I'm very behind so just trying to catch up with emails the best 
I can as there's loads. I may not get through them all tonight so will finish 
them tomorrow. Yes it's a lot cooler today much better. We're sure you and Andy 
will sleep better tonight as Ray and I will as it was so hot last night and 
also we made each other hot of course hahahaha. Andy should be all ready and 
raring to go for his match tomorrow hope he does well. Look out for him waving 
at you hahahahaha. Yes Carol my Ray has a lovely soft face with pinchable 
cheeks and I love to snuggle up to him when he has his lovely sweet smelling 
aftershave on how lovely. Love Clare xxxx

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