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Hi phyllis 
Yep you heard right there hahahehehehehehe not joking them plates were massive 
i actually thought there were bringing me a large tray wow hahahahahaha nearly 
fainted sure that staff thought he knew me and thought that i will give that 
little lady the biggest plate on earth of food hahahahahaha but I surprised him 
by eating every bit on that plate 
not daft you know 
I am all there were food is concerned 
Tomorrow out again as our Julie is taking me to cheetham hill which is not far 
from here taking me to Materland its a cheap store 
then going to kfc for chicken popcorns and chips wow how cool is that?
she tphoned me tonight 
so can't be bad wow not going to refused that now am I?

take care 

Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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Hello Carole,
did we hear you right, you actually did not have room for a pudding, surprise 
surprise, I don't believe you, you secretely had a piece of gateaux,

glad you have had such a lovely day, the cushion covers sound fantastic,

love and hugs,

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