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Hi June.

Well I feel the same about crowds I get very easily stressed and flustered 
especially when I can't breathe. I also understand where Clare is coming from 
about beign let down by so called friends they often promise you the earth and 
then don't deliver and its wrong to promise anything when you can't go through 
with it. Also as a teenager I often used to worry if my blindness would put men 
off and have never been out with any-one who doesn't have a visual impairment 
and the few people I know who are visually impaired who got a sighted partner 
are very very lucky as I must admit I've often found that some of the blind 
people I have been out with seem to be living very sheltered lives like one guy 
in his fifties who lived with his Mum and I basically became a carer when he 
came to stay with me. I know its different when some-one was born with sight 
and lost their sight and they already have a sighted partner they stay with 
them because if you love some-one you would do anything for that person. Now 
though I just think that if a man can't see how indipendent I am and how well I 
cope with cooking and living on my own etc, if he can't see past the blindness 
and that i'm just ordinary he must be very shallow. Well that's my rant over 
for today.

Take care.

Love Sarah xxxxx

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