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  • Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 00:24:28 +0100

Hi David and all.

OH I had a feeling some-one might ask me that its a fascinating subject as it 
was for me when I first met a druid lady a year ago at a meditationh so I don't 
mind explaining at all.  I think the thing that attracted me to it was when I 
aws told that it didn't matter what faith you were and that being part of a 
druid grove doesn't stop me being a Christian or anything else. WE are called a 
grove because we are all like trees rooted to the earth and we feel the energy 
rising up through the earth and join hands and meditate together.  In a ritual 
we gather round a fire out in a feild and we have candles lit and after we have 
blessed the circle with fire and water we then say a prayer to whoever is 
listening wether God godess or spirit and greet the four directions north south 
East and west and we ahve an opening where we can share poetry song or just a 
thought anything that explains what summer, in this case means to us and as the 
youngest member they asked me to talk about what summer means to the youth and 
I talked about energy and happiness and hhow we can all stay in touch with the 
inner child or youth within us and we spend as much time as we like sharing 
whatever we want to share and at the end of the ceremony we share a feast 
although in this case we had a picnic before as we wanted to make sure we 
finished at a reasonable time as it was cold and before when we were startign 
at 7 or something we would end up getting home at the early hours in the 
mornig. There are three grades as well I'm on the bardic grade which is about 
being creative and we all have our own inner creativity and ovates practice 
things such as healing and raiki and tarro readings etc and druids practice all 
sorts like learning how to run a grove lead a ceremony etc. If any-one else 
wants to ask me anything on or off list I don't mind answering any questions.

Take care.

Love Sarah xx

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