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Will someone kidnap me?

On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 11:05 AM, Jesse Peavy <jpeavy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Please read the email below from Dan. Basically, the Directors & Officers
(D&O) policy would cover liability issues when we hold our meetings and
then we will get a separate conference (event) policy nearer to our
conference in February.

Dan is recommending the 3-year option for the D&O policy at an annual rate
of $744.



*From:* Dan Pavlin, CPCU, ARM [mailto:DPavlin@xxxxxxxxx]
*Sent:* Monday, June 29, 2015 4:58 PM
*To:* Jesse Peavy
*Subject:* GSIS


Please see the attached D&O proposal. I would choose the Standard Form
option at $1,000,000 and lock it in for three years (paid annually). This
would fulfill your primary need, Directors and Officers Coverage, and we
can place a separate event policy closer to the date of your event when you
need General Liability.

The current policy will cost over $2,000 and you will need a $2,000,000
umbrella to make the International Trade Center happy at a cost of another
$2,000. This no longer seems to be the most effective option. I believe we
can place coverage for much less through other means.

So your current policy can be cancelled, cutting your immediate cost by
$1400 and your future cost can be renegotiated to meet the need
specifically of the special event. To give you an example, many carriers
have a $500 per million minimum premium. This could mean a $1,000 savings
alone compared with the current provider.

The policy attached includes full prior acts coverage, third party
harassment, defense for non-monetary claims and a number of other

*Dan Pavlin, CPCU, ARM*

*Vice President - Commercial Lines*

*Bernard Williams & Company, LLC*

*6001 Chatham Center Drive | Suite 100 | Savannah | Georgia | 31405*

*Office: 912-234-4476 x3057 <912-234-4476%20x3057> | 866-433-4476
<866-433-4476> | Fax: 912-232-8490 <912-232-8490> *

*www.thepoweroftheshield.com <http://www.poweroftheshield.com>*


Thank you,

Denise Epperson
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Griffin-Spalding County Schools
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