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If we leave it the same, the price will be around $4000 with the added
liability coverage required. If we separate the policies, the estimated cost
will be around $2500 for the D&O plus the Event Policy.

I think the current policy has a $1,000,000 liability limit and we are required
by the Trade Center to have $3,000,000. So our current policy, as is, would
see a significant increase. Donna…I think the current policy price is slightly
over $2000???

Also, Dan suggested he would be glad to either talk or meet with the entire

We would have the same coverage but with two different policies.


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We talked about this at the meeting and everyone wanted to leave it the same
because not all of the board members are considered directors or officers.
However, we still can go with the D&O and get a special events policy for just
the conference.


P.S. I really am on vacation . . . just had to come in today for a couple of
hours to handle something.

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That is my opinion too Priscilla. I think we can even purchase Event Insurance
from the Trade Center. If so, we can weigh out the best option…either with the
Trade Center or the Bernard Williams Insurance Group.


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As long as we have what is needed to satisfy the Trade Center Contract, I am
fine with whatever is best for the board.

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Please read the email below from Dan. Basically, the Directors & Officers
(D&O) policy would cover liability issues when we hold our meetings and then we
will get a separate conference (event) policy nearer to our conference in

Dan is recommending the 3-year option for the D&O policy at an annual rate of



From: Dan Pavlin, CPCU, ARM [mailto:DPavlin@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2015 4:58 PM
To: Jesse Peavy
Subject: GSIS


Please see the attached D&O proposal. I would choose the Standard Form option
at $1,000,000 and lock it in for three years (paid annually). This would
fulfill your primary need, Directors and Officers Coverage, and we can place a
separate event policy closer to the date of your event when you need General

The current policy will cost over $2,000 and you will need a $2,000,000
umbrella to make the International Trade Center happy at a cost of another
$2,000. This no longer seems to be the most effective option. I believe we can
place coverage for much less through other means.

So your current policy can be cancelled, cutting your immediate cost by $1400
and your future cost can be renegotiated to meet the need specifically of the
special event. To give you an example, many carriers have a $500 per million
minimum premium. This could mean a $1,000 savings alone compared with the
current provider.

The policy attached includes full prior acts coverage, third party harassment,
defense for non-monetary claims and a number of other extensions.

Dan Pavlin, CPCU, ARM

Vice President - Commercial Lines

Bernard Williams & Company, LLC

6001 Chatham Center Drive | Suite 100 | Savannah | Georgia | 31405

Office: 912-234-4476 x3057 | 866-433-4476 | Fax: 912-232-8490

www.thepoweroftheshield.com <http://www.poweroftheshield.com>

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