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  • Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 15:48:09 -0000

Hi Darren,


Thanks for clearing this up. I guessed it might have been for larger
installations than my 20 or so GPO's ;)


I find a sensible naming structure and keeping settings as granular as
possible (not bunching a load of settings into the Default Domain
Policy) makes it easy enough to compare.


13,000 GPO's though! Now THAT is a full time job!




P.S. Thanks for sharing your resolution with us Shane, it's one more for
the mental FAQ list ;)



From: Darren Mar-Elia [mailto:darren@xxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [gptalk] Re: new GPO Compare product


Good questions. In many shops, esp. larger ones, folks might have lots
of GPOs that are only different by virtue of a couple of settings. For
example, I was working with a customer recently who had 13,000 GPOs!
They needed to know if some of those had settings that were different
than the "baseline". In that case, having a tool like this could have
come in handy (although in that case, they probably needed something
that was a bit more automated). 




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Subject: [gptalk] Re: new GPO Compare product


Hi Darren,


As I'm new to GP I'm intrigued by the purpose of this tool when you
state "quickly spot inconsistencies across GPOs"


Could you give an example of when you'd want to compare GPO's for
inconsistencies? I thought the concept of multiple GPO's was to be
different, with each one providing a different type of policy, that you
can apply to different groups of individuals/assets depending on the


Immediately the only time I can think you'd want to compare GPO's for
inconsistencies is when you are recreating one due to corruption or
major version change, or if you're looking for conflicting GPO's which
set opposite values for the same policy.






P.S. Sorry if you excitedly opened this email expecting your first batch
of feedback ;)



From: Darren Mar-Elia [mailto:darren@xxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 21 November 2008 21:04
To: gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [gptalk] new GPO Compare product


Hey Folks-

Just wanted to let everyone know that today we shipped our new GPO
Compare product (www.sdmsoftware.com/group_policy_compare). This is
something that many folks have asked for-a really nice standalone way to
quickly spot inconsistencies across GPOs. If you have interest, check it
out and let me know what you think! I'm all ears for feedback and
already have some great ideas for the next version.





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