[gptalk] Re: User GPO is changing the registry, but setting is not applied

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Hi Chris,


It sounds to me like the problem is with Outlook rather than Group Policy.
If Group Policy is successfully getting the registry key in place you can't
really expect it to do anything more....


The only things I can think of is perhaps the key is not in place at the
time that Outlook start, which seems unlikely. Alternatively, is it possible
that Outlook is giving preference to another key? Perhaps there is a machine
based key which takes precedence, or a Policy based key in the machine or
user registry?


If you remove the key from your machine, does it revert to its "normal
process"? If you get group Policy to reapply the key on your machine, does
it work correctly?


Alan Cuthbertson



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Hello everyone,

I found this list after doing a web search on GPO troubleshooting.

Apologies if this has been asked before - I did search in the archives,

but couldn't find anything relevant.


I have a problem with a custom ADM I have made.

Basically I created it to force Outlook 2003 to select a GC local to a

site, instead of the GC in the (different) site where the user's mailbox

is stored.

The setting itself works, as if i apply the following .reg file to my

machine then it outlook connects to this server every time:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider]

"DS Server"="xxx.yyy.corp.local"



When I try and do this via a policy (which my machine downloads without

a problem), it just ignores the setting and outlook uses it's normal

process for selecting a GC.


The exported (applied) setting from my machine's registry is as follows:




"DS Server"="xxx.yyy.corp.local"


I have rebooted serveral times since I applied this policy, what am i

doing wrong?

Using the Group Policy Results under GPMC against my machine shows this

setting applied under "Extra Registry Settings".

I guess I needn't use the "Policies" section, but I don't like the idea

of the "tattooing" effect this will have - I had enough grief with that

effect under NT4!


Does anyone have an idea on why this is happening?

Thank you,




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