[gptalk] Re: User GPO is changing the registry, but setting is not applied

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  • Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 14:15:22 +0100


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        Hi Chris,


        It sounds to me like the problem is with Outlook rather than
Group Policy. If Group Policy is successfully getting the registry key
in place you can't really expect it to do anything more.... 


hmm, the only thing I can think of is if the key isn't named correctly
or something, but i've checked everything I can think of.


        The only things I can think of is perhaps the key is not in
place at the time that Outlook start, which seems unlikely.
Alternatively, is it possible that Outlook is giving preference to
another key? Perhaps there is a machine based key which takes
precedence, or a Policy based key in the machine or user registry? 


Hmm, well I only start Outlook when everything has settled down after
login (and i've rebooted several times since having this problem, so it
should have been applied now.


        If you remove the key from your machine, does it revert to its
"normal process"? If you get group Policy to reapply the key on your
machine, does it work correctly?



If I remove the key created by my manually added .reg file, then yes, it
does revert back to it's "normal process".

Re-applying the GPOs makes no difference (and yes, in winpolicies my
policy is listed and no errors are reported).





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