[gptalk] Re: Size limit for GPOs?

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Most of the "corruption" I've seen has been where a particular CSE is unable
to read its settings files. The files are there, but not in an expected
format. And they bomb out as a result. I suspect that is what you're saying,
though I honestly don't know why. Do you see any difference in behavior if
you add exception in groups. For example, you add 10 exceptions, then hit
Ok, then add 10 more, then hit OK, etc. I am just wondering if it's a buffer
overflow on the process that adds the settings into the registry.pol file,
since I don't see anything explicitly in that file that would limit the
number supported. Frankly, I would call MS on this one because I think it
sounds like a bug to me. Let us know what you find.




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Hi Darren,

The GPO that became corrupted on 02-10-06 had 132 exceptions in it.  When
this one became corrupted it was obvious that I could not enter one more
exception.  It would not save when I hit OK.  The one that became corrupted
last week had 85 exceptions.  Some of them were very long paths, I don't
know if that would be a problem.  

In the list you mentioned that you have seen corruption breaking GP
processing.  Do you have any info on possible causes of corruption? Or is
that a silly question?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Mary Collingwood

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