[gptalk] Re: Size limit for GPOs?

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I've never heard of a limit on the number of exceptions, but I suppose it's
possible. I don't see anything in the way that those entries are stored
that would cause a limit. But, maybe there is a limit in the listbox control
that MS wrote for those policies. How many exceptions do you notice this
happening on?


As for a corruption breaking GP processing, yes, that is not only possible
but probably. There is very little resiliency in the CSEs, either standalone
or together. If one of them can't process a policy because of corruption, at
the very least it will stop all of its processing and more likely all
subsequent GP processing will stop. I have seen this on numerous occasions
across multiple CSEs.





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Hi List,

I have a problem I'm hoping someone can shed light on.  We have XP Pro w/sp2
on our workstations.  Recently one of our Firewall exception GPOs became
corrupted.  That is, we could not edit it and received access errors.  I
restored from a backup and created an additional GPO.  Does anyone know if
there is a threshold for number of exceptions listed in this GPO? The reason
I ask, I had a similar problem a year ago when trying to add an exception.
At that time it was obvious that the GPO would no longer accept new entries.
I created a second GPO and split the settings into the two GPOs at the time
and everything was copasetic.  I'm thinking that we may have reached the
threshold again on the second GPO.  

Also, it seems that some of our workstations had group policy broken on them
if the GPOs followed the corrupted one in ranking precedence.  Is that
probable? Would the CSC become unstable if one of the polices was corrupt?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Mary Collingwood

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