[gptalk] Re: Size limit for GPOs?

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My first question is. "puffy capacitor"? Did it used to be called P. Diddy


Your idea sounds about right. If the machine was in the middle of writing to
the registry.pol file when the machine was rebooted, its very possible that
it would have been corrupted.


With respect to your other issue, not sure what CSC refers to but if the
problem with the corrupt registry.pol was causing GP to terminate, what
could have happened is that the workstation thinks its already processed the
Folder Redir. Policy but it hasn't and since that policy probably hasn't
changed, it may not be picking it up. That's kind of a stretch though. One
thing you can do is set the Folder Redir Processing Policy option to always
process even if the GPO hasn't changed.  That should tell you definitely if
that is the issue.



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Hi Darren,

I am the person who asked about GPO corruption due to number of exceptions
in the Windows Firewall exception GPO.  I thought that you would like to
know why\how the GPO got corrupted.  I have since figured out that the GPO
was corrupted when the machine the GPMC was on had to be hard booted because
it was hung up.  The console was experiencing problems because it was on a
Dell GX270 that had the "puffy" capacitor issue on the motherboard.  A
coworker was working in the GPO and the PC hung up.  I loaded the GPMC on
another PC hoping that I could open the GPO and save it before the old PC
got hard booted.  However, it did not work.  I got access errors and errors
on the PC having to do with losing contact with Device0.

The Device0 error was due to the motherboard capacitor issue.  Anyway, I
believe that the hard boot of the PC while the GPO was open to edit is the
cause of the corruption.  Do you agree?

I did restore from the backed up GPO to fix the corruption problem on the
workstations and that seemed to work.  Other workstation settings were
restored and users were able to work as of 02/02/07.  

However, I have another question on this issue.  We have been receiving more
than the usual tickets on folder redirection problems within the last two or
three weeks.  We agreed that once the CSC is unreadable in part, all the
policy that follows the one that caused the problem would not be readable
either.  Since the workstation settings apply first and the folder
redirection policy is within a user settings policy that would apply
afterwards; could the Firewall Exception GPO corruption be the cause of our
recent problems? If so, why wouldn't the restoration of the backed up GPO
fix the CSC for the users settings also? How would you recommend fixing
folder redirection problems? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mary Collingwood

We Energies - IT Services

Client Device Integration

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