[gpodder-devel] secure gpodder.net

  • From: koeglstefan at gmail.com (Stefan Kögl)
  • Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2011 00:38:24 +0200


Am 2011-01-06 21:16, schrieb Stefan Derkits:
> On 06/01/11 20:03, Bernd wrote:
>> At the moment http://gpodder.net/ is only available through an http
>> connection. 

Actually this is not quite true... Just try


>> What are your plans for http:/gpodder.net?

In terms of business plans, there's nothing serious so far...

>> Would you support a campaign on a croudfunding site?

We didn't initiate anything like that so far, but I don't see any
reasons against it.

> Another Point that needs to be considered with increasing popularity of
> gpodder would be the Speed. At the Moment sometimes the Website is
> nearly unacessible or very very slow.

Currently my main focus is on rewriting the backend to use CouchDB
instead of MySQL, which should give some speed-up. It should then also
be easier to scale by just adding new virtual machines if necessary. I'd
expect the CouchDB-migration to be finished within 2 or 3 month from now.

-- Stefan

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