[gpodder-devel] secure gpodder.net

  • From: stefan at derkits.at (Stefan Derkits)
  • Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2011 20:16:31 +0100

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On 06/01/11 20:03, Bernd wrote:
> At the moment http://gpodder.net/ is only available through an http
> connection. This means that username, password and the content are
> always transferred in clear text.
> It would be great if gpodder.net would be available through https. At
> the moment gpodder.net is only used from the gPodder python clients. But
> in the future there will be an amarok plugin. Android apps will also
> follow. And gpodder.net will be hopefully integrated in more apps in the
> future.
> Another possibility could be to use a CAcert certificate
> (http://www.cacert.org/). The problem with CAcert certificates is that
> the certificate authority isn't available in the browsers and mobile
> plattforms.
> What do you think? What are your plans for http:/gpodder.net?
> Would you support a campaign on a croudfunding site?

another Option could be to win the "Qtest App" Contest and then have
enough Money for the SSL Certificate ... but chances are slim :)

Cacert is really not much supported, StartSSL is also pretty cheap and
is available in many Browsers (don't know about mobile).

Another Point that needs to be considered with increasing popularity of
gpodder would be the Speed. At the Moment sometimes the Website is
nearly unacessible or very very slow.
I don't know if other Hosting Providers would offer better Speed or if
gpodder would need to upgrade the Virtual Machine it is hosted on, but
maybe this is also a Point where Donations could maybe help.

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