[gpodder] Re: getting back specific pod-casts?

  • From: Mex <mex5150@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gpodder@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 22:19:49 +0000


I accidentally deleted a couple of pod-casts I wanted to keep. I
could delete the feed, add it again, and sort out from there which
are which, but is there a way to check old casts without doing this
(I still have a load I haven't played yet).

I'm not sure what your goal is. "Pod-casts", "feed" and "casts"
confusees me a bit. In gPodder terms, a "podcast" is a feed, an
"episode" is a single episode in that feed, and a "file" is a downloaded
episode (e.g. the .mp3 file). What did you delete, what do you have now
and what do you want to achieve?

OK, it is a couple of episodes I'm wanting back. I am still subscribed to the feed, but while having a clear up I accidentally removed a couple of episodes I wanted to keep (I thought I had locked them, but obviously didn't).

Below are the answers for the two most common related problems related
to deleted episodes that I'm aware of:

If it's about "importing" existing downloaded files, you have to either
edit the database file directly or upgrade to gPodder 3.x, which
includes some basic "import" feature (given that the download filename
of the episode can be easily deducted from the download URL).

If you just deleted the episode in the GUI, you can use the "View" menu
in the toolbar to set the display mode to "Show deleted" (which will
also show episodes that you have deleted, provided they are still in the
podcast feed). From there, you can download it. If the episode has
disappeared from the feed (e.g. because the feed only shows the last 10
episodes), there is currently no easy way to add this episode (but then
again, you could modify the sqlite3 database directly and add the

I'm not at home at the moment (death in the family, so won't be back for a week or so), but will try this on my return.

I'm running gpodder on Ubuntu Natty if that is relevant.

Which version of gPodder are you running? Are you using the version from
the gPodder Ubuntu PPA, the version from the standard Ubuntu
repositories or some other build?

As far as I know it's just the standard one from the default repository, but again can check until I get home again.


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