[gpodder-devel] Gpodder on Ubuntu 11.10

  • From: clanlaw at googlemail.com (Colin Law)
  • Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2011 09:15:19 +0100

On 5 October 2011 08:58, Thomas Perl <thp at gpodder.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, Oct 04, 2011 at 09:12:32PM +0100, Colin Law wrote:
>> I am testing gpodder on ubuntu 11.10 beta. Gpodder is installed from
>> the ubuntu repository. I have noticed a couple of problems.
>> 1. When minimised it does not show on the panel
> Have you made sure that the tray icon features are disabled? If they are
> enabled (and I assume Ubuntu 11.10 does not have a systray area
> anymore), you won't be able to see gPodder. It's better to disable all
> the tray icon features for gPodder (see ~/.config/gpodder/gpodder.conf)
> if you are using Ubuntu >= 11.04, since from that version, the tray icon
> is (as far as I know) not correctly supported.

Running gpodder 2.18 on Ubuntu 11.04 with the Unity interface (gpodder
from http://ppa.launchpad.net/thp/gpodder/ubuntu/) it *does* correctly
minimise to the top panel.

>> 2. When the cross is clicked gpodder closes rather than dropping to
>> the background.
> This is how it is supposed to work ;)

True, I was sure that was not the case but re-trying on my 11.04
system I see that is correct.  Perhaps it was different on an earlier

>> I also notice that it is only version 2.16, is this the fundamental
>> cause of the problem?
> Should not be a problem, but it is a very good idea to upgrade to 2.19
> or at lesat 2.18 to get all the latest fixes.

That was part of the purpose of asking.  If the fundamental problem is
that it should be upgraded then it seems odd that the version
available as standard with the latest version of Ubuntu is not up to
the job.  I wonder who is responsible for packaging it for Ubuntu.

I will try the ppa for 11.04 and see if I can get the later version.



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