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  • From: "raghesh a" <raghesh.a@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 11:18:33 +0530

Can we plan for a meeting today at 4:30pm

On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 6:58 PM, മഹേഷ് മുകുന്ദന് | Mahesh M <
maheshmukundan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I think sir should be able to start a class tommorow itself.
> As suggested by Jinesh, we have 2 projects with us now..
> we will meet tomoro..
> Sir:
>    Hope you can manage.. Pls
> 2008/6/8 ശ്യാം കാരനാട്ട് | shyam karanattu <aeshyamae@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 6:04 PM, മഹേഷ് മുകുന്ദന് | Mahesh M <
>> maheshmukundan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> It is a good, no, great idea..
>> actually we are saying the same thing for some one year now..so its no
>> longer a new idea..:)
>>> REPLYS???
>> i think there are many interested studensts yet to know that we have a
>> mailing list.. i think its high time we make them join the lists..
>> as we plan this programme,all class wise announcement should do it.. i use
>> to spread the word when i see juniors..but cant reach all of them...
>> volunteer,spread the word,mahesh..:)
>>> ok.. Now my suggetion is we shall meet from 4.30 to 8 every Monday..
>> to night? we can schedule from 4:30 to 6:00 and a net programme time of
>> 5:00 to 6:00 should be enough to cover one topic..
>> and this we could do twice a week or so if possible..
>>> As a matter of fact i too dont know some of those mentioned by sir and i
>>> would be glad to learn them..
>>>  I can help out in taking classes on some of them.. But we have to
>>> promise that what ever be the turn out in response from the students, we are
>>> going to go forward with this.. Every Monday.ver be the turn out in response
>>> from the students, we are going to go forward with this.. Every Monday.
>> its better to offer one more day if possible (more is always better) so
>> that those who cant manage it to monday can join the next day with the other
>> topic and be in touch without much gap
>>> SIR:
>>>        Can you pls arrange classes for the topics mentioned above.. Jus
>>> to start with.. Even if it is just for 5 or 10 of us, its ok.. Hope that the
>>> S4 is going to come.. Meeting after the class hours is best..
>> The point i missed to stress is that,
>> We dont have any plan to fix this programme to cross with anyone's
>> academics.It should be out of class timings..this is as simple as an
>> unofficial gathering of interested students and teachers to share the bits
>> together..and thus to form a community..
>>> Also...
>>>  As a starting project i think we can take up the following.. There is a
>>> software called Obex-ftp. It connects mobile to pc via data cable. Lets
>>> develop a GUI frontend for it. Can we??
>>> An online project.. Interested students pls reply. We shall form a
>>> development team for that. Discuss the design, schedule, etc and just start
>>> doing it.. Its really a small task. A one week project. Pls respond fast.
>>> You can learn a lot... Try to make it a collective effort, a community work
>>> for the community..
>> Add it to our wiki and start chasing..
>> We have a wiki at fci.wikia.com/wiki/Malappuram/MESCE/FSF/GNU_LAB
>> There is lottts of projects like this and with this programme as a
>> platform,students can join and do the projects that they like.. and we could
>> use that wiki as a place to index the projects..
>> with this late,are we actually ready to start it by tomorrow?
>> did we say which all specific topic to be covered tomorrow?
>> Happy Hacking
>> Shyam.k
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