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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 19:30:09 +0530

This is a proposal of a programme titled Gnus Graze.
We have been thinking this for sometime now,,, today while i was reading a
mail.. i just got read about the phrase "gnus grazing".. So thought
suggesting the programme with this title and making it a discussion over
mailing list..
Its nothing much but to make a regular informal meeting/session of all (Both
students and teachers and anyone interested), possibly everyday(let the
discussion on mailing list start with it;-) )at some common place ...for a
short period of say 45 mins either at morning or at eve or at noon (or i am
ready for even more than one time a day when the subject is my favorite;-) )

My plan so far is to publish the topic for a day one week prior to that.It
will be a short  presentation or a talk or a discussion or a workshop
depending on the topic and infrastructure available
The topic can be anything under free software including techie and
non-techie issues.
We students are very lucky to have teachers like Raju Sir and Madhu sir and
Raghesh sir etc.. to start the list...I think a programme like this is soo
needed that it helps  us get many small but important tips from them on
various topics
Also this will be a stage for students where they can perform a
talk/workshop/seminar on the software/tool or a topic he liked(related to
free software anyway;-) ) so that it helps them to be ordered in studying
what ever things that they like...

I think we cant wait any more to start such a programme to get runnning
which will be in its true form after covering some one month of practise
runs i.e.  when all becomes use to it,the progamme will give more results..
Also it seems these kinds of programmes are more needed and efficient than
single-isolated events/workshops
lets start a discussion over this and If all are interested,we just want to
choose a time,arrange a venue publish the topics and start get going from
the next week onwards

Waiting for your Responses
Shyam K

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