[ggo-discussion] Re: six times nine is fourty-two

  • From: Peter Strempel <zotan@xxxxxx>
  • To: ggo-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 09:36:39 +0200

>I'm just watching the Kato Kensei - Cho U Honinbo-title match. I decided
>to try out the "Display Timestamps" option. Otherwise it seems to work
>ok, but it does look awfully silly when thre game gets reloaded (a
>million timestamps fill the kibitz area).

Might need to check if the current loading process was a reload or a new 
observed game. Might be a bit tricky, as the board itself doesnt know much 
about the origin of the moves, it just gets and processes them. Darn OOP. :)

>I would like to be able to tag some players as interesting kibitzers or
>whatever - during the title fights there are a million kibitzes of which
>most are rather uninteresting for me. However some people actually write
>something intelligent and I'd like to see the client highlight the
>names/kibitzes of the players marked as interesting kibizers (or

That requires the textfield could process text in bold/italic/colors etc. 
However, the plain JTextArea class cannot. Other people asked for making 
names ( "Foobar [1k*]" ) bold, like in CGoban2, but thats the same problem. 
Java has another class which is basically JTextArea on steriods: 
JRichTextArea (or similar). But that might be overkill, you can paste 
images and stuff in it. Don't want to know what happens if people start 
sending that to IGS. I need to investigate that a little, if one can use 
the richtext field without all the overkill features.

I had that on my TODO list already (for the name hiliting), but didn't find 
the time to care for that lately.

>The kibitz area also behaved oddly when I hold on the scroll bar to see
>the older kibitzes: when a new kibitz arrived the kibitz area suddenly
>jumps to the very first page of kibitzes... not nice.

I changed the scrolling recently on your suggestion. If you clicked the 
scrollbar and still have it "grabbed" with the mouse (left button pressed 
down), then the textfield will not scroll on new appended lines. Once you 
release the mousebutton, then the appended text will scroll the whole thing 
to the end again. So if you want to catch up with former text, keep the 
left mousebutton pressed (actually the pointer doesnt need to stay over the 
scrollbar). I found no better way for this, checking if the scrollbar is 
currently active, aka "mouse-grabbed", was the easiest.

However, I didnt test that with on much-spam games yet. Though it looks ok 
when you turn on the toggle-quiet-false messages in the terminal window, 
which gives enough spam to test the feature. Same technique in the kibitz 

I'm currently busy with another project, so gGo has to wait for some time. 
The other thing has higher priority, as it is paid work.


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