[ggo-discussion] Re: six times nine is fourty-two

  • From: Jarkko Lindblad <jarkkojpl@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ggo-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 05:13:09 +0300

Peter Strempel wrote:

>>The kibitz area also behaved oddly when I hold on the scroll bar to see
>>the older kibitzes: when a new kibitz arrived the kibitz area suddenly
>>jumps to the very first page of kibitzes... not nice.
>I changed the scrolling recently on your suggestion. If you clicked the 
>scrollbar and still have it "grabbed" with the mouse (left button pressed 
>down), then the textfield will not scroll on new appended lines. Once you 
>release the mousebutton, then the appended text will scroll the whole thing 
>to the end again.

Yes, I am aware of this - however what I described was a bug in it. When 
watching the game and viewing the kibitzed in the way you described, the 
kibitz are jumped to the *FIRST* page of the kibitzes (not the bottom) 
even though I was still holding the mouse button (when a new kibitz 
arrived). Moving the slider a bit forced gGo to render the proper area 
though. Also there was lot of flashing if the kibitz-area at the time 
this happened (it looked like all the kibitze lines were refreshed when 
a new kibitz message arrived).

Later when I had reconnected to the IGS and again started observing the 
game there were no problems. I _guess_ that handling of the kibitz-area 
is slightly buggy if the game observed has been reloaded or something as 
when the bug occured the game had already been adjourned and reloaded a 
couple of times.

I am very sleepy, so nothing I wrote probably makes any sense.

Jarkko Lindblad
Nautin komediani mustana

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