[geocentrism] abiogenesis

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenesis   Well put..  Almost my equal here..  
But Me, I would even challenge the second law of T. which puts me off side with 

The second law of thermodynamics
The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy (dispersal of energy) will 
tend to increase in an isolated system as time continues and differences in 
temperature, pressure and density tend to even out. More strictly, the entropy 
of a system can decrease only if work is done, i.e. energy is transferred from 
outside the system.

Intelligent design proponent Stuart Pullen challenged the concept of 
abiogenesis on the grounds that the creation of life from nonlife would violate 
the above law, since creation of living organisms must be associated with a 
decrease in the entropy of the system.[4] Math professor J. Rosenhouse counters 
that the Earth is not an isolated system, but an open system receiving energy 
from the Sun. Furthermore, he points out that the time scales in which such 
large systems reach equilibrium can be very long, during which time local 
fluctuations in entropy are perfectly feasible, and may be observed all the 
time. [5] Furthermore, the concept of entropy in thermodynamics is not 
identical to the common notion of "disorder". For example, a thermodynamically 
closed system of certain solutions will eventually transform from a cloudy 
liquid to a clear solution containing large "orderly" crystals. Most people 
would characterize the former state as having "more disorder" than the latter 
state. However, in a purely thermodynamic sense, the entropy has increased in 
this system, not decreased.......snip. 

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