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Well, hey, Philip, I'm kind of on the outside on this one as I'm not a
Christian in the common sense, but the reasoning goes thus, I believe:
God's word MUST be preserved somewhere, after all didn't Jesus say not one
jot or tittle...?  It's a simple thought that it must be the KJV.  It is the
most poetic and familiar version to all Protestants, though this could be
argued to be changing as we speak.  (Besides, IMHO, it does not make some of
the problematic errors that other Protestant versions do -- say, ESPECIALLY
the NIV -- concerning geocentrism.  e.g. Gen 1:8, Job 22:14)

As I said recently, if you recall, I think God makes it available for those
who earnestly seek.  "Ask and ye shall receive; seek and ye shall find...."

If you'd like the even shorter answer to the 'why KJV?' question, keep in
mind the old Baptist humor.  "If it was good enough for Adam and Noah, it's
good enough for me!"



Gary Shelton

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> Gary and Cheryl.. Whats with the KJV Is God then an Englishman....Gods
chosen people! Are all the other countries pagan if they do not conform to
King James of England?
> Please,
> and then what of the Billions before the Press , 1,600 years of no
Bible... No New testament that is..  All handwrittten in languages most
could not read, let alone speak. And certainly not afford to buy.. And there
would never be enough of them?????
> They were so valuable that only the richest Catholic Churches, had them on
display for the faithfull to read, Chained to the platform of course..
Devout faithful were prone to fanaticism , and stealling things like
incorrupt saints body parts was common....
> Of course the New testament alone handwritten was available to the poorer
> Anyone who could read at all in Europe could read latin, long before they
could read their native tongue.... Latin was the vernacular of Europe.. The
first handwritten translation in English of the NT was authorised in England
circa 900 Ad. I challenge any Englishman today to understand or read it.  It
still exists in a museum somewher in England..
> All of this is confirmed in Protestant Historian sources...
> Henry and other kings set up National religions, Jesus did not. He
established a universal Church, that was a kingdom that was not of this
> Philip.
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>   Subject: [geocentrism] Re: Plenum and firmament
>   Cheryl,
>   Don't sell yourself short.  You'll be up to speed with me in no time.  I
>   haven't a very long history with this subject at all.  I kind of see us
>   coming from a similar background.  As a born and raised 45 year old
>   I also tend to say KJV, but it's this thing of inerrancy that still has
>   bugged, I'll tell you.  Yes, Dr. Bouw's a purist as far as the KJV goes
>   believes to be inerrant.  But I don't know.  I wonder how we can say the
>   is anything without specifying the exact KJV we are talking about?
>   Did you know that when the 1611 KJV was printed it included the
>   So what gives that we now do not have that in the KJV?  If we are going
>   ascribe some clearer connection to God for the translators of our Bible
>   version, hadn't we better learn just what the true product is they came
>   with?
>   I have read that our KJV came into existence about 1881.  Again, I'm no
>   expert.  But I do know that I own two KJV's.  One renders the Psalm (I
>   believe it's 93:1 here) as "stablish" while the other as "establish".
>   That's not a big deal perhaps, but it goes to show you there are
>   between even the modern printings of the KJV.  I'm sure there are vastly
>   more erudite folks to talk about this than myself, however.
>   No, I haven't read Gordon Bane.  I'll google him when I get the chance.
>   See, you're already asking the same question I have about the plenum and
>   firmament.  Perhaps Robert or the others will chime in here.
>   Sincerely,
>   Gary Shelton
>   > Gary -- I've not read your links yet, but I will.  Being a woman, my
>   > doesn't work like the rest of yours.  I don't get the engineering,
>   and
>   > physics stuff the way you all seem to so easily grasp it all.  But I
>   > intuition, a sense of where to look for the truth, an intuitive sense
>   > what it is when I recognize it.  I am also logical.  We all need logic
>   > humility, a willingness to accept the truth once we find it.  I do
>   some
>   > biases/presuppositions -- I believe in God and I believe God is Good,
>   I
>   > believe His Word is contained in the KJV only as Scripture.
>   >
>   > Other than that, I will consider anything as possible as long as it
>   up
>   > with the other three suppositions/biases I have.
>   >
>   > Have you read any of Gordon Bane's stuff,  The Geocentric Bible?   He
>   > all the answers to cosmology are in the scriptures.  He believes every
>   > scripture has a mate, that there's another scripture located somewhere
>   > between the two covers that explains and fulfils any other scripture.
>   >
>   > He speaks continuously of the plenum and the firmament.  It is true,
is it
>   > not, that the Copernican people don't believe in either one of these
>   > concepts?  Is it not true also that a proper understanding of both of
>   these,
>   > plenum and firmament, will answer all the other questions?
>   >
>   > Is there agreement in this list/group as to what exactly the plenum
>   the
>   > firmament is?  If so, could you explain it to me kind of the way you
>   the
>   > geocentric model?
>   >
>   > Cheryl
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>   >
>   >
>   > > Cheryl,
>   > >
>   > > I have provided the following link before.  But it is a very good
>   to
>   > a
>   > > heated discussion between Gary Hoge and Robert Sungenis.  Mr. Hoge
>   firmly
>   > > believes that the geo satellites (synchronous and stationary and
>   > > solidly prove the earth is turning.  Mr. Sungenis denies that.
>   > >
>   > > You'd have to give Mr. Hoge the prize for this particular debate,
but I
>   > > don't think it's by any means the end of the debate.
>   > >
>   > > That link is:
>   > > http://catholicoutlook.com/gps1.php
>   > >
>   > > Read and learn all of this and you'll be very knowledgeable indeed.
>   > >
>   > > Sincerely,
>   > >
>   > > Gary Shelton
>   > >
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