[geocentrism] Re: Latest NASA wild goose chase

  • From: "Robert Bennett" <robert.bennett@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 00:18:07 -0400

I am not so game to go with the assurance of Robert re extra terrestial

The NASA crusade to find liquid water in space, so as to infer that ET life
was first, possible, then probable, then certain, is part of the MS
modernist agenda to coronate evolution as our scientific idol ? the modern
Baal. US public schools must only teach the approved religion of biology ?
So desperate are the modernists that they will probably find some microbes
in space that were accidentally spread on the Moon and via space probes, and
claim they have proof of ET life.
That was my point, Sir Philip.

I recall clearly the nuns telling all the kids, that man would find no life
in space. except the devil.
Of course I laughed, and when Sputnik arrived, I cheered..  Nuns of course
said it was the Devils work, and it being communist, I suppose they were

Yet I clearly remember a statement from the vatican of the time , which
might have been modernist inspired of course, that if any life were to
appear, it would be outside of revelation, and not of this world..  But this
did not preclude Gods right to have created other life. There followed a
short explanation of what such forms this creation would take, even unto
intelligent life, whether it be angels or devils or sentient beings such as
ourselves..  Were such beings in existence, they had no place in the mission
of Christs church, having no relation to the fallen progeny of Adam.

In essence they covered their behinds..  Which I thought clever.  so will I.

Off on one of your verbal riffs again??  Well, since you brought it up ?

If ET life is discovered, the answer I was taught was that God never told us
about ?them? , so they?re not part of the divine salvific plan. No conflict
with the deposit of faith.

When asked if I believe in alien life visiting Earth, the answer depends on
the def of ?alien?.

There was Christ and the angels of Scripture, for sure.
And Enoch and Elias, who will return to die fighting the Antichrist.  But
they were born here.

For any other ?humans? to visit us, they would have to be physically
descended from Adam and saved by Christ.

I?m sure that the Auschurch has a different spin from the Amchurch on this.

Robert B

PS.  Sometimes I wonder if Allen is an ET.    He types in strange coded
languages and always talks about his Martian friend.  Just change the l to
an I   Allen ==> Alien   :-)


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