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Dear Steven,
I watched the video and thought that it explained the differences quite clearly, although I think a spotlight on your dad, standing to one side of the projected display, would do him more justice. There is on thing that I reckon ought to be included, if it is possible, and that would be to show, in the heliocentric model, how the stars would appear to move during one year. Would the angle subtended between the pole star and the earth, 6 months apart, be too small to be seen?


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Dear All,

I just wanted to bring to your attention a new video
presentation by my Dad available for download (256
kbps connection or faster required for streaming) at
our website: www.geocentricperspective.com

To take a look, simply go to our site (using anything
but the Opera browser since our site is currently
incompatible with this whilst a fix is yet to be
found) and look for the picture saying: &#8220;Video
Presentation 1, Celestial Poles&#8221;

I hope you enjoy it and find it informative.

Best Wishes,


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