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 At 09:19 AM 10/18/2005, you wrote: - Glenn, I thought virtual caches were
what we had to do in National Parks. Is that not being allowed now?
I understand the locationless caches are being shutdown and transferred.  Is
the same thing happening to virtual caches?  
Jim Bensman "Nature Bats Last" 

OK, we must start with a few assumptions. 

1) I am (as are the other reviewers)  about the last to know anything.  
2) Most of what I know is wrong and the longer I know it, the wronger it
gets. :-) 

With that being said. Here is what I think I know. (as of this morning
&information is good for about 30 minutes before it self destructs) 

Historically, the virtual caches are what was to be used when a physical
cache could not be place for legal reasons. The Virtual cache still had to
pass muster as a virtual cache which most caches did not. There was always a
way for make the cache offset to a physical location. Sort of like you did
with the wilderness cache. When anyone claimed they could not find a way,
many reviewers pointed to your wilderness cache as an example of what
*could*be done.  Since the roots of Geocaching is about finding something
that was hidden, that is what was preferred and encouraged. 

Moving to he present.....  People still liked the "virtual location" idea
andwas quite upset when we started restricting virtual caches.  It is a neat
way to see a bunch of neat stuff while out and about. KC has tons of neat
historical doo dads that we would have never seen if it were not for the
geocaching website.  

 It took quite some time but Waymarking was set up to handle all the virtual
location ideas,  hopefully in an entertaining way. 

The plan..... Locationless caches are in the process of being converted to
waymarks. I don't know how far along they are in the process but when that
isdone the category creation list will open up for the creation of new
categories.  That should be very soon if it is not already done. 

The  Plan ... Virtual Caches.  Here is what I understand is supposed to
probably happen (maybe).  The current Virtual caches will be granfathered in
and be allowed to stay.  I have however converted my "Meinrods" virtual
cacheto a waymark in the historical places section and probably at some
pointarchive the V. Cache listing leaving just the WM.  

We have been pointing folks to look at the WAYMARKING site for virtual cache
submissions since it has been up and running.  Again (i believe) at some
point in the near future, the option of going the pain and suffering of a
virtual cache submission and denial will not be an option.  

There is getting to be better integration of the waymarks into the PQ's and
Ihave requested a link on the cache pages to the "nearest waymarks" as there
is for the nearest benchmarks.  Perhaps a way to specify "my favorite
catagory" filter then find all nearest waymarks. 

There is not much around now to clutter your nearest list but soon, every
wifi hotspot will be waymarked, along with flower gardens, petrogliphs,
funnymailboxs, indian burial mounds, ballparks ...... ect will be waymarked
too. I believe that filtering the list will become an important feature to
find what interests the user. 

There will be no distance limitations or "cache density" issues with
Waymarks, and the waymarks will not have to pass the "WOW!!!" test to get
listed. The cache reviewers will not be dealing with the waymarks at all
unless of course a reviewer is the owner of a category. 

I own 2 categories.  Springhouses, which is in the Places >historical.
division. It is gathering the locations of Springhouses. (suppriesd right).
So far I think there are possibly 4 or 5 folks that have submitted their
springhouses to be listed in my category.   I also have a category of
"Statues (or monuments) of live living people.  There are plenty of statues
and monuments around set up for dead guys but I want the ones for live guys.
I think there is a statue of Stan Musial (still alive),  at the ballpark. 
That would work if someone submitted it to the category.  

Well, that is the world of waymarks and virtual caches as i know it.  


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