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At 09:42 PM 10/17/2005, you wrote:
>ok? Don't see my question on the link about virtual
>caches. I'll just send it in and see what happens.
>thanks Wandering360

Technically, yes. The Virtual cache type still exists. In reality 
tho,  I have not listed a virtual cache in probably 3 years and I can 
probably count on a few fingers the number of virtual caches listed 
worldwide in the last year or two.

Virtual caches were severely limited a few years ago and it is nearly 
impossible to get one listed. There has always been a way to somehow 
place regular cache at the Virtual cache location so that is what is 

With the advent of 
Waymarking,  http://www.waymarking.com/Default.aspx the virtual  and 
locationless caches are being converted to waymarks where no strict 
limitations or "approval processes" exist.

I have converted one of my  virtual caches to a waymark and it is 
working out OK.

It is easy to submit a waymark.
Decide what category your virtual cache might fit in and then look at 
all the categories to see if there is a place for your virtual cache.

The waymark categories are divided into "persons, places and things." 
with subcategories from there.

Lets say your spot is an old forgotten civil way memorial.  That 
would be a historical place and in the places category there is a 
place for civil way memorials. You would submit your waymark in there.

There are categories for just about everything we could think of with 
more being added all the time.  Ya know of a wireless hotspot, a 
brewhouse, the location of a McDonald restaurant, botanical 
garden,  spring house,  the location of a  memorial statue erected 
while the person is still alive? How about Off-Leash Dog Areas ,
Canadian Benchmarks ,Portugal Geodetic Points ,Ghost Signs, Peace 
Poles, Masonic Temples, Compass Roses ,Disc Golf Courses ,Photos Then 
and Now  or Pictographs ?

There is a spot for nearly everything!

If ya still want go give the Virtual cache thing a try, go for it and 
you can see what happens. The worst case is that nothing will happen 
the best is that you will get a new Virtual cache out of the deal. 
You will most definitely  get my "see the waymarking site" note.

Good Luck.

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