[GeoStL] Re: New MO Geocaching Policy KATY TRAIL QUESTIONS

  • From: pntball <gcpntball@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 04:16:28 -0700 (PDT)

ok points to ponder are we own property off the abandoned section of the katy 
trail.their is a cache placed on our property very close to the border of the 
state park (they own 100' from center of trail outwards).does this mean i would 
have to get a permit to place a cache on my property/state property.also their 
are many survey markers along the trail system with numbers on them,if i used 
this as part of a multi cache would it still be counted as a cache location 
even though it exists as a permanent site.also since this 6 mile section of 
trail has been abandoned for 14 years now so basically it shall belong to 
nobody it is abandoned property after 10 years of deliquency.so is this 
actually state park areas even though they tried posting the trail this year as 
state park boundarys.most of the signs and all the trail crossing gates have 
been removed or destroyed.many more questions may come about as the results 
come back from this mailing.i wish the state would just leave this 6 miles
 as natural for just mountain bikers and hikers.they have a 25 mile section for 
equestrians but no rugged grass trail in a very nice natural area.who cares if 
the state is bankrupt all it takes is a tractor and 3 blades to maintain this 
section of treail to fully complete the missouri connection across the 
state.thanks pntball 
happy hunting

Dave Keiser <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for pointing us to that Rich. Looks pretty much like we 
expected. However I wonder what will happen with existing caches.

The biggest items I noticed that will impact current caches:
1. Only one cache placement per 200 acres.
2. Only a twelve month permit, after which the cache has to be 
removed. (this has it's pros--after 12 months someone can do a 
different cache and we all get to revisit the park to find it)

I do appreciate that they have a permit system and that they allow 
geocaching. I thought it was rather nice that they even made 
accomodations for allowing up to a 5 stage multi-cache.


On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 10:08 PM, GC-RGS wrote:

> Below is the link to the MO. State Parks page which has the new 
> geocaching policy and permit for the MO. State Parks.
> Barbara Wilson from the DNR, who drafted the policy, will be at our 
> picnic in October explaining the policy and answering any questions.
> http://www.mostateparks.com/faq.htm#geocache
> Rich

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