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What kind of weather radio do you have? After getting up twice for sirens
and once for the storm last night and not being able to get any information
on the TV stations, we are ready to invest in a weather radio.

(a very tired) Barbara

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> -
> I got a weather radio for Christmas so I got to hear the storm come closer
> and closer and finally ok it's time to go down stairs (with 3 small
> and a dog we hit shelther soon rather than later as it is really hard to
> wake kids out of a deep sleep and move them to a cold basement, I don't
> my luck to get them there in a hurry!) Dh was like, there are no sirens! I
> said well there is a warning in our county! Before I had the first kid out
> of bed the sirens went off. :-) It was a long night!
> Jen aka nyisutter


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