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  • Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 13:22:53 -0600

If you know the answer, indicate by giving a clue. Don't post the answer...
Some Random Logs:
 Last of three today to bring my personal total to 99. I made the correct 
choice and TNLNSL. TFTC!

11.12.05 As many times as I have been to this park looking for a cache hiding 
place, I never found one. This is a pretty good spot. Found it without too much 

Just retired 3 weeks ago and was getting a little bored. Found this site on 
'CALL FOR HELP' on g4tv and gave it a try with a cache that was a few miles 
away from the house. Enjoyed the quest and hope to try some more next week. 
Thanks for the entertainment. Took 2 tries to get the right one ;-]

I did this with CrowesFeat30 & my dogs, Sarah picked the right one for a 
certain reason, she was correct on which the right one was, though the one she 
left could've been the right one too. We left the other one for second, in case 
we weren't right, which would leave us with the one that was left, which wasn't 
right. To right this wrong we left a little early, which was the right thing to 
do, so the groundskeepers left us alone. The dogs were all right with this, 
they hate being left in the car. CrowesFeat30 parked on my right, which put me 
on the left, which is where I prefer to be anyway, as I'm all right with that. 
I think I wrote this out right, with nothing left out, except thanks for 
placing this for us,



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