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Missouri doesn't license contractors with the exception of Electricians,
Plumbers and Mechanical.
The same is true for all local counties and tiny city jurisdictions.

Insurance is a big deal though, make sure that anyone working on your
property is insured, even someone cutting your lawn.
If they injure themselves on your property and aren't insured, you will most
likely be held liable in our wonderful judicial system.

I too learned the hard way to never pay anyone before the work contracted
for is completed to my satisfaction.
A small down payment is sometimes necessary to purchase unique materials.

Thanks for all the kudos folks !!!

Barry Bryant
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of all types.  Electric, Plumbing
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  If you hire someone from out of the area be sure and check into their
licenses and bonding etc. There are unscrupulous remodelers out there just
waiting to prey on flood victims. We got took by 2 different builders after
the 93 flood. We ended up having to do it ourselves.

  Life is way to short to take serious.

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