[GeoStL] MOGA 2009

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Home from our first MOGA.  


I can assure you that this one proved that what they say about Missouri is
true.  "If you do not like the weather, wait 15 minutes, it will change."
Thursday was warm and sunny, a perfect day for caching or traveling.  Friday
was gloomy and beginning to get cold.  Those of us who had not packed for
cold were sent scurrying for warm clothes.  The warm fire and warm friends
at the BYOB made up for the cold beginnings.  Saturday was cold, wet,
gloomy, wet, windy, wet, muddy, and, did I say, WET???  We were treated to
rain, rain, mud, slippery trails, wet woods, stuck motor homes, shredded
rain suits, and the company of awesome cachers from different parts of the
country.  Sunday, we woke to a generous dusting of snow and bright sun.  The
day grew warmer and warmer as the it progressed and cachers swarmed over the
lake area like happy ants.  The day ended with farewells and promises to
"See you next year" over The Mad Chef's cooking and offerings from several
oother good cooks.  The last of the party ended around a campfire near the


After, I returned home, I receive a call from a non-cacher friend who said
that she was sorry that we had had such a miserable weekend.  I had to tell
her that there was NOTHING miserable about it.  It was wonderful.   She
cpould not quite fatham what I was feeling.   


But what can I say, it was MOGA!!!

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