[GeoStL] Fwd: [GPSstash] Possible sale of Navicache.com domain name and website

  • From: Glenn <glenn.geocachingadmin@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2012 16:51:57 -0600

Anyone interested?? 


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> The following was posted in the Navicache forums:
> Posted: Feb. 04 2012,1:42 pm
> I recently received an offer for the navicache.com domain and it got me to 
> thinking. Maybe it's time! While I have not made a definite decision yet, it 
> has got me wondering if it may not be time to 'pass the torch' so to speak. 
> So, I have decided at this point to at least solicit other offers for the 
> Navicache domain name(s) and site.
> After 11 years, time and other interests are beginning to get in the way and 
> maybe there is someone out there that would love to have an established 
> geocaching site of their own that they may continue to develop and build on. 
> Here is your chance (well maybe).
> What you would get is the domain names and the site as it currently is. What 
> I would like to get is someone that is looking to keep available a geocaching 
> site and of course a little cash. Not looking to get rich here, just a fair 
> offer.
> As for current members, don't worry... If I do not receive an offer that I 
> feel is acceptable, the site will continue to exist. In other words...I am 
> not getting ready to pull the plug!!!
> If you are interested, do not post offers in the public forum. PM me instead 
> or send it to offers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> 'PC Medic'
> Team Navicache


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