[GeoStL] Re: Fwd: [GPSstash] Possible sale of Navicache.com domain name and website

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Or a monopoly?


'Whatever You Give To Life, Life Gives You Back'

Life is way to short to take serious.

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name and website

Glenn? Would that be a conflict of interest? 
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Subject: [GeoStL] Fwd: [GPSstash] Possible sale of Navicache.com domain name 
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The following was posted in the Navicache forums:
>Posted: Feb. 04 
  2012,1:42 pm
  recently received an offer for the navicache.com domain and it got me to 
thinking.  Maybe it's time! While I have not made a definite decision yet, it 
has got me  wondering if it may not be time to 'pass the torch' so to speak. 
So, I have  decided at this point to at least solicit other offers for the 
Navicache  domain name(s) and site.
>After 11 years, time and other interests are 
  beginning to get in the way and maybe there is someone out there that would 
  love to have an established geocaching site of their own that they may 
  continue to develop and build on. Here is your chance (well maybe).
>What you would get 
  is the domain names and the site as it currently is. What I would like to get 
  is someone that is looking to keep available a geocaching site and of course 
  little cash. Not looking to get rich here, just a fair offer.
>As for current 
  members, don't worry... If I do not receive an offer that I feel is 
  acceptable, the site will continue to exist. In other words...I am not 
  ready to pull the plug!!!
>If you are interested, do not post offers in the 
  public forum. PM me instead or send it to mailto:offers%40navicache.com
>'PC Medic'

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