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i remenber when i used it live that i didn't have to do all this mapping for
the triggers.
it just did it by itself (mute/unmute with latch automatically)
think you should see in the options there may be another led to check.
on pattern mode i think it's better for live : on each trak a midi part for
a vsti, or wave sample
and switch your patterns with +/- and the numbers on the right of your pc
keyboard(don't know the name in english)
say you have 2 patterns : could be one of 5 and the other one of 4
the one of 5 : has 5 variations with number 4 for breaks and 5 for
transition to the next pattern.
that's how i did, but i used it only for drums and voice samples, no vsti
synth in it.
with a keyboard+a good midi controller+the pc keyboard i think it's really a
great stuff for playing live already, probably the best soft for live;
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> How many of you out there would be interested in developing a fruity
> setup for playing live?

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