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  • From: Fredrik Torefeldt <frdtore@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 15 Nov 2002 01:59:03 -0800


My name is Fredrik, but I use the alias NEA on forums.

Been doing music with computers since 87-88. Started out with an Amiga running 
soundtracker, moved to Bars & Pipes and now I have a PC with Massiva, Energy 
PRO, JXsynth and alot of freebies. 

I have just ordered FL full so I'm waiting for the regcode (anyone knows how 
long it should take?). 

I downloaded the demo of FL a month ago or so, and I couldn't stop using it. 
It's so easy to get something good out of it. And you find new things to try 
every time :)

I'll probably use FL inside Massiva as a VSTi, but some sketches and stuff will 
be made in FL.

Current setup:
Intel PIII 900, AudioTrak MAYA 44, cheap headphones (OMG I want a pair of 
Beyerdynamics 770 PRO), Massiva, Energy PRO, JXSynth and a lot of freebies.

Oh, and a lot of coffe (or beer on the weekends), is good for music making :)

NEA / been waiting since 20:00 CET yesterday for my regcode

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